Preserving Memories

Spreading Joy

Introducing three talented portrait photographers from the Creative Photography Group, each committed to capturing the essence of their subjects with skill and passion.

As part of our community outreach initiative, we are currently offering free portrait sessions to seniors residing in retirement facilities.

Beauty in all the moments

Kara Kinley

The heart and soul behind the Senior Portraits initiative within the Creative Photography Group. With a tender heart and a passion for connecting with seniors, Kara brings a unique warmth to her work that is both comforting and inspiring. Kara's kindness and compassion make her a joy to work with. She creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during portrait sessions, allowing her subjects to express themselves authentically.

Capturing Magic

Mel Madsen

A passionate and versatile photographer whose love for capturing the beauty of both animals and people shines through in her work.

Mel has an innate ability to freeze moments that resonate with the essence of her subjects. Her portraits are characterized by authenticity, celebrating the individuality and stories that make each person unique.

Inclusive Storytelling

Charisa Martin Cairn

An emerging talent and on a mission to weave your narrative through her lens.

Currently focusing on the Senior QueerFolk Project, Charisa's dedication to capturing the essence of senior individuals within the LGBTQIA+ community sets her apart as a storyteller with a passion for inclusivity.